How to prepare holiday trip with kids?


Travel with kids can be the most enriching and wonderful experience — or it can be a complete nightmare. If you’re planning a big trip with little kids, then we have prepared several useful tips for you.


  1. Take a stroller

Unless your kid is a strong walker, bring a lightweight umbrella stroller. You should take ia note that there will be a lot of walking in a day, and that your child would be battling jet lag as well as over stimulation in a new environment. They will be exhausted.


  1. Buy your own snacks and entertainment on flights

Be prepared to battle hunger, thirst and boredom on long flights. Take an empty water bottle and fill it when you get through security, and pack dry snacks and liquids up to 100ml, such as yoghurt sticks. If you’re traveling with an infant or toddler. you may take a “reasonable amount” of liquids such as milk or baby food that is not subject to the 100ml rule. Security will also allow small ice packs to keep dairy cool. Take lots of pairs of underwear, wipes and a spare set of clothes for each of you (even the adults), plus some small new toys and activities that your child will love. Hand out the toys one at a time when a meltdown is imminent. Charge up the iPad with new shows and games. A flight is not the time to limit screen time.


  1. Pack only what you need

Things you should pack including: underpants, lightweight tees, shorts/skirts/dresses. Light is key so you can wash clothes and have them dry overnight hanging up in the hotel bathroom. Always pack a small medical kit in case of scrapes, blisters, cuts and so on. Also, include child pain relief, mosquito repellant and stop-itch creams in case of bites.


  1. Leave special stuff at home

Anything fancy you don’t want stained or ruined on the trip, for both you and the child. Heavy clothing that takes days to dry. New shoes that haven’t been worn in. Delicate clothing. Expensive handbags or jewelry.


  1. Get hotel inclusions

Try to get breakfast included so you can fill up and grab some fruit and pastries for later, and make sure wifi isn’t an added charge. We stayed at Grosvenor House in London and had an amazing breakfast included but not wifi, which was a big, unexpected charge.


  1. Break routines

At home you may have a strict schedule for your kids, especially with dinner and bedtime. No late nights, very healthy food, designated meal times. On the trip, however, try to put enjoyment of the trip before our children’s schedule to make life a bit easier. Let them go to bed late. Let them eat a lot of much pizza or snacks. Bending the rules will be fun for you all.


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