We have to Know about Cereal



Mom, Cereal is an easy and tasty breakfast option for kids rushing to make the school bus. But beware, most child marketed cereal options contain more sugar than the standard dessert. Cereal can be tricky, misleading labels often advertise healthy ingredients, vitamins, and whole grains. But these boasted benefits can be outweighed by the sugar quantity. The excessive glucose can lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar as well as an increase in calorie consumption.

We recommend reading food labels carefully to replace sugary cereals with healthier options. You need to keep a sharp eye out for sneaky sugar terms that may appear on boxes, such as organic molasses, bee honey, and organic sugar cane, which parents into believing that they’re healthy cereals. Better breakfast options, like fruit, low-fat yogurt, eggs, and oatmeal, give kids the energy they need without packing on the pounds.

source : www.parenting.com