Best Time to Learn

The optimum time to learn the abacus and mental arithmetic – and most other things for that matter – is often around the tender age of four. Children at this age have good control of their motor skills and enjoy playing and manipulating objects. They are able to reason logically and possess a hungry appetite for curiosity and new skills which explains why they are able to absorb new information like sponge to water.

CMA Kinder —-> CMA Kindy 4 years old ——> 3 years old

CMA’s Kinder Programme is suitable for learners as young as four years old. Lessons are structured to be fun and interactive, and are conducted in a conducive and high tech environment for enhanced learning.

CMA Kindy Programme is suitable for learners as young as three years old. Kindy Programme indulges children in songs and physical activities. Children are given positive affirmation in our stress-free environment so that they feel confident in learning mental arithmetic skills.

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