How CMA works

Rather than using a single hand to maneuver the beads of the abacus, CMA advocates the use of both hands at abacus training. By applying the principles of the soroban (i.e. Japanese-style abacus) alongside mental calculation, and coupled with advanced techniques and multimedia-based learning, students quickly pick up the basics of the base-10 number system to achieve speedy and accurate mental calculations. A student is first taught the basics of the abacus, followed by visualisation training. This unique method enables him to execute mental sums by picturing an image of the abacus in his head and then manipulating the beads of the virtual abacus as though a physical abacus was being held in the hands.

Unlike traditional mathematical education which only uses the left brain, this ‘Image Abacus’ training ropes in the creative right brain in creating a visual of the abacus while utilising the logic left brain to manipulate the virtual abacus. This concept of two-hand mental arithmetic requires the combined use of both the left brain and right brain.

Aside from the ‘Image Abacus’ training, CMA’s comprehensive mental arithmetic training syllabi also encompass the following:

A) Left Brain and Right Brain

CMA provides a unique learning environment, where each student learns at his own pace with personalised teaching using carefully designed teaching materials, that fits individual needs and progress of the students. As such, the class can begin at any time. It is an interesting phenomenon in CMA that students with different levels of skills can embark the course in the same classroom using different levels of learning materials and progress at different speed. This proactive teaching method between the teacher and students encourages an interactive and cooperative learning environment that captivates the interest of the student in learning arithmetic.

What does it mean to be Left-brain or Right-brain dominant?

Many scientists agree that there seem to be two mode of thinking: the intuitive, creative mode of the right brain hemisphere and the highly logical, organised mode of the left brain hemisphere.

Our personalities are determined, to a great degree, by our preferred mode of thinking and reasoning.

Actually, our dominant brain mode is a very fascination thing to explore, and it can tell us a lot about how we can study and learn more efficiently.

B) Report on Scientific Research

Soroban (Abacus) and the Right Brain

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