Press Release : CMA Singapore 10th International Mental Arithmetic Olympiad

CMA Indonesia has been participating on CMA International  Mental Arithmetic Olympiad consistenly. This annual competition was always organised by CMA Singapore. Through participation in CMA International Olympiad, CMA has excellent track records. It’s a proof that CMA always maintain our International quality standard.

The highest record that our students have achieved is having Silver Medals. Absolutely it was not easy thing. They have competed with selective students from many countries all over Asia. Before we send the representatives, we have to select the students hard. Only students with capability and responsibility to make nation proud. The selected students will be trained by our teacher as preparation to compete in this competition.

We’re very proud to be part of CMA International Family. We don’t just take an opportunity to compete, but this moment is the right time to share each others. We’re standing in one flag, CMA Mental Arithmetic

Here they are CMA Indonesia Delegates in CMA 10th Mental Arithmetic International Olympiad 2017

Audrina Sundjoto, CMA Kelapa Gading (2nd Prize Mental Category & 2nd Prize Abacus Category)

Jaycen Alexander Theo, CMA Gading Serpong (2nd Prize Mental Category & Abacus Category)

Jessamine Vivere Lie, CMA Sunter (2nd Prize Mental Category & 3rd Prize Abacus Category)

Xaverius Lionel Zheng, CMA Citra Garden 6 (2nd Prize Mental & 5th Prize Abacus)

Reinhart Eldridge Gerung (3rd Prize Mental Category & 3rd Prize Abacus Category)