CMA Programme

CMA’s curriculum is known for its unique two-hand, four-finger abacus training, as well as the integration of multimedia-based and online learning. We conduct regular events such as the Singapore National Abacus-Mental Arithmetic Competition which is aimed at further inducing learning interest and to promote closer ties amongst parents, students, and trainers; as well as National Grading Exams to evaluate students’ progress.

All courses are categorised into 13 Grades (from Grade 13 to Grade 1) and Duan-Levels (from Level 1 to Level 10). Students will sit for an international level examination held quarterly at the respective CMA centres to assess their standards. Students who pass and obtain a score of at least 70% will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition by CMA Institute for demonstrating competence in abacus arithmetic, mental arithmetic, and aural mental arithmetic. Students may proceed to the next level upon successfully passing the entry level examination.

Courses offered by CMA include:

Kindy Programme

Above 3 and below 4 and a-half years of age

Kinder Programme

For children 6 years and below

Primary Programme

For children between 7 to 13 years old

Youth/Adult Programme

For learners ages 14 and above

Teacher’s Training Programme

For those interested taking up teaching mental arithmetic as a career & those who wish to impart this knowledge to others