CMA’s unique two-hand, four-finger abacus system taps into the mental capabilities of the human brain to solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy by visualising the abacus in one’s mind, thus stimulating the right and left brain while doing computation.

Courses offered by CMA:

The ever increasing awareness of the significance of information technology application has led CMA to develop a programme that has an academic as well as a technology focus. In keeping with the global technological advancements, CMA is the leading abacus mental arithmetic educational institution that uses multimedia-teaching techniques.

CMA offers wide range of mental arithmetic education learning and development programmes for people of different ages from 4 to 100 years old.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

The benefits of learning CMA Mental ArithmeticBy learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic using both hands, one can:

The advantages of learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (both-hand abacus system)
People who have mastered Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (Two-Hand Abacus System) demonstrate these positive results: