CMA Summary 2020 : CEO’s Speech

Dear Parents, Students and Business Associates,

This year is obviously not the usual year for everyone of us. The covid-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on everyone, on society and all businesses. It has been an extremely challenging and meaningful year for us, CMA team members, as we’ve been trying our best to stay existed in an honorable way.

Thanks to our highly motivated team members for their great strength in the work to keep on serving you students and parents to keep you all delighted with CMA Mental Arithmetic.

I am honored to update you briefly about our all exciting activities throughout 2020 in a video that we have created specially for you.  The video firstly featured our effort to organize annual motivational session for teachers to keep them motivated and respected. We take our great pride in our teaching commitment. Despite Covid-19 pandemic existence, we had managed to arrange few exciting activities on social media like video contests, competitions, vlog on Youtube as well as few activities to make us stay closed with you all for eg : workshops, talkshows, webinar.

We had been fully aware that we sincerely wished to contribute our part to society by donating few books, clothes, food and necessities for unfortunate people with the help of parents, students and business associates.

Despite challenging year, our committed team members had gained positive testimonials for their hard work and contribution through parents’ positive testimonials and we are even more motivated to do better.

Let’s enjoy the video for your viewing and thanks for your endless support to achieve where we are now.  



With Love,

Prescella Ang
CEO, CMA Mental Arithmetic Indonesia