About CMA

Classical Mental Arithmetic (CMA) International is an educational centre that specialises in two-hand abacus mental arithmetic. Established since 1984 by Master Tai Chiang Ching from Taiwan, CMA has been focusing on offering a credible teaching system that emphasises on total brain development. Our multimedia-based curriculum has been tested and proven for more than two decades, making us the leader in marrying the traditional way of teaching abacus with the contemporary means of IT.

CMA is managed and backed by a team of qualified professionals with a wealth of teaching experience and management skills. Over the years, we have trained numerous students who have performed well academically and also clinched top honours in major abacus competitions. Our goal is to help every child unleash his mental potential through our two-hand abacus mental arithmetic methodology.

CMA International is amongst one of the world’s fastest growing mental arithmetic training institutes. Today, we have presence in over 12 countries worldwide, namely Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Sudan, USA and The Philippines; and is continuing to expand to new territories.