Some of Master Tai’s World Class Students

Lin Zi Yin became the world champion in the Mental Arithmetic World Competition in 1991. Attained Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Advance Level 10.
Taiwan Lian Jing Book Publication published a book based on her success.
(Book Title: Uncover The Secret To A Child’s Intelligence) Highest attainment of grades in abacus and mental arithmetic examination.


Attained Qualification Examination: Calculation with an Abacus, Advanced Level 5
Established the Classical Mental Arithmetic (CMA) Institute
Director of Association of Children’s Abacus Arithmetic of Taiwan, ROC
Awarded Best World Mental Arithmetic Trainer
Pioneered two-hand system abacus arithmetic calculation
Referee in Mental Arithmetic World Competition
Awarded Best Teaching Institute by The Chinese Children’s Abacus Association, Taiwan
Awarded Outstanding Youth Prize by Phoenix City
Published Abacus Mental Arithmetic Multimedia CD 7 Albums [First Generation]
Published Mental Arithmetic Multimedia CD 4 Albums [Second Generation]
Established CMA Hong Kong
Established CMA Malaysia
Established CMA China
Established CMA New Zealand
Established CMA Singapore

Established CMA India